Ottawa Memorial Auditorium


The Ottawa Memorial Auditorium invites you to take your place beside the staff and many other dedicated volunteers who enjoy meeting new people and supporting the cultural scene in Ottawa. As a volunteer, you'll be invited to play a key role in the many artistic and educational activities that enrich our community. Volunteer with your civic organization, company, with your spouse and or on your own. Duties include: concession stand, usher, runners, tech load in and out, and marketing material distribution. 

If you would like to become a part of the Ottawa Memorial Auditorium team please, fill out the form below or call 785-242-8810.


Ushers – Main Floor & Balcony

  •  Direct patrons to their appropriate entrances into the theater
  •  Distribute programs
  •  Show patrons to their appropriate seats
  •  Assist patrons in finding restrooms and exits
  •  Scan or tear the patrons’ tickets
  •  Direct patrons to seating
  •  Monitor prohibited items being brought into the building
  •  Watch for unauthorized photography

Concession Workers 

  •  Set-up of supplies, Restock and take inventory
  •  Take orders and handle cash
  •  Clean up 


  •  Direct patrons to the Box Office if they don’t have tickets
  •  Assist patrons in finding restrooms
  •  Assist Ticket Takers and Greeters
  •  Assist Concession workers

Tech Load in/out 

  •  Assist with loading in/out of sound/light equipment


Other Possible Volunteer Positions

  •  Receptions/Parties
  •  Tours of OMA
  •  Fundraising Events
  •  School Outreach
  •  Marketing Material Distribution


Physical Exertions may include:
Standing for long periods of time (up to 4 hours)
Bending over to pick items up off the floor
Going up and down stairs

Volunteers are required to fill out the Volunteer Application and will be contacted to participate in an initial training session.

Our volunteers’ contribution of time and energy is an important aspect in the operations of the Ottawa Municipal Auditorium and help provide our patrons with a positive theatre experience.

All positions are subject to change.  We appreciate you being flexible, as each event has different challenges to overcome

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Concessions volunteers Kelly Raby and Donna Ferguson

Concessions volunteers Kelly Raby and Donna Ferguson